Ewe Sana Marketing and Communications | About Us
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About Us

Founded early in the year 2011 by the Principal Strategist, Mr Akhona Mahlati, Ewe Sana Marketing and Communications is a thought leading organisation when it comes to all aspects of business and its influencing operating environment..

We offer an expert range of services to Small, Micro and Medium Business Enterprises as well as to Corporate Blue-chip Corporate Companies.

We transcend all business category classifications and offer value to clients who seek delightful business satisfaction. We believe that alone is creation and collectively is realisation. This manifests in our recommendation of a collaborative approach to ensure that we provide our clients and customers with their desired outcomes in a timely manner.

We apply and practise the following values which energise us to action and enable us to produce powerful and sustainable results.

•    Collaboration – the sum of collaboration is far greater then the individual parts
•    Communication – open dialogue and platform of sharing to solicit understanding
•    Competence – knowledge, skill, attitude and leadership capacity to produce results
•    Consistency – a non stop culture of excellence and always producing desired results
•    Creativity – everything is possible and we thus blur the lines to create anything imaginable.

We exist by the above values as they are the cornerstones of what Ewe Sana Marketing and Communications is built on. They keep us established and ensure that we produce our mandate in a professional manner which doesn’t divert from what the client or customer has requested. These values are our deepest beliefs and sentiments which we subscribe to. Consequently, they’ve also become our ideals and principles.

A pure and solid desire to serve and to produce delightful results is what differentiates Ewe Sana from the multitude of companies which compete and crowd our business environment. Through undisputed optimal levels of services coupled with a strategic outlook, and combined with significantly representative exposure and experience, the delivery of Ewe Sana will always live up to its literal meaning of Yes Baby! As a 100% Black owned and managed business entity with ample corporate experience, Ewe Sana, through our Principal Strategist, and our well experienced personnel, is able to explore, create, present and deliver value to all clients and customers which we build and manage a relationship with.